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New Briot and Visionix Website Features Equipment and Instruments


Briot/Visionix Website
Top Line: Briot and Visionix recently unveiled a new website which offers a contemporary look that allows the company’s U.S.-based consumers and global consumers to use one interface focused on streamlining the user experience. The site features both edging systems and instruments, and is designed to be a one-stop-shopping trip for practices looking to upgrade or build their exam rooms, pre-test areas, and labs.
Close Up: The site features enhanced resources and functionalities that are facilitate interaction with Briot and Visionix teams based in the U.S. Users have the opportunity to browse our selection of equipment and instruments, download and print brochures, view accessories, browse technical support questions, view career opportunities, and more.
  • Interactive sales team map by territory
  • E-catalog of all edgers with downloadable PDF brochures and product videos (not applicable on every machine)
  • E-catalog of all instruments with downloadable PDF brochures and product videos (on Wavelens Pro)
  • E-Catalog of accessories with photos, descriptions, and part numbers for ease of ordering
  • FAQs and technical support for edgers by machine type allows users to see if their issue can be resolved by the diagnosis/steps process to repair or calibrate.
Vital Stats: Clickable links to Briot/Visionix social media on every page provide information about career opportunities, company history, industry partnerships and trade shows.; (800) 292-7468