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PFO Global Launches Non-Contact Laser Tracer


Product: eyeX3
Top Line: PFO Global is launching eyeX3, the optical industry's first non-contact laser tracer. The eyeX3 uses laser scanning measurement technology to trace frame shapes, lenses, frame bevel, and lens groove to exact specifications.
Close Up: PFO Global has re-thought the application and process of actual frame measurements to lens production. Whether it is tracing frames or lenses, eyeX3 laser scanning system captures one scan at a time, analyzes the ensemble of all scans, and returns high resolution 3D geometry of the frame. The eyeX3 touchscreen interface, compact closed system (~20 lbs.), data storage capabilities, and cloud-based file sharing for remote trace submissions (which eliminates frame shipments) creates greater efficiencies and saves money in logistic costs.
"The eyeX3 is a solid investment for the optical industry," said Charles Posternack, MD, PFO Global's chairman of the board. "Having accurate and complete data reduces turn-around time for jobs, and by using PFO lab network, optometrists can increase their margins by 50 percent on purchasing PFO Global's advanced lenses and complete eyewear."
Vital Stats:
  • Quarterly automated calibration verification
  • Developed and built in the U.S.
  • If the eyeX3 requires service, PFO Global will provide a loaner unit so customers do not suffer down time.
  • Works with all frame types: metal, plastic, rimless, drilled rimless and semi-rimless.
  • Available for purchase or lease.; (866) 99OPTIX; (866) 996-7849