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Santinelli’s New LT-1200 X-treme-D Features High Curve Frame Trace Capability


LT-1200 Xtreme-D High Curve Tracer
Top Line: Santinelli International’s new generation display screen tracer, the LT-1200 Xtreme-D, features high curve frame trace capability with fully automatic operation. The unit’s unique mechanical design includes a variable fulcrum stylus which keeps the axis angle perpendicular to the frame at any curve.
Close Up: The LT-1200’s ability to reproduce optimal digitized frame data, regardless of frame curve, is achieved with sophisticated software that algorithmically calculates the effect that the curve imparts on the frame size. The potential for distortion is eliminated on even the thinnest, most flexible of frames as the tracer utilizes 50 percent less stylus pressure than previous models, according to Santinelli. The stylus approach is 90 degrees perpendicular to the frame, as well as horizontally parallel, at any height of the curve. This method disperses stylus pressure over a larger area of the frame than just at the point of contact.
Constructed of durable tungsten-carbide material, the unit’s newly designed stylus tip prolongs the life of the stylus. Additionally, this new design reduces abrasion and friction, consistently producing a smoother, more accurate digitized trace of any frame. The three-axis assemblies—horizontal, vertical and rotational—which control and guide the stylus operation, are 100 percent gear-driven and provide an effective, free-floating center axis of dimension capture. The unit’s stylus turret is void of obsolete belts, pulleys or bearings, protecting its functionality from harmful debris. Upon closing, the upper and lower frame sliders interlock in a “tongue-and-groove” design, thereby protecting the mechanical core of the tracer. An integrated door is fitted on the unit as secondary protective measure. As a result, the LT-1200’s technology will provide years of trouble-free operation and optimum performance.
The unit’s 10.4” color, LCD touchscreen gives the operator a quick view of traced data confirmation, as well as other pertinent information for lens processing, such as “A”, “B”, “DBL”, “ED”, and “C-Size”. The ergonomically-designed, tiltable touchscreen is highly intuitive for ease-of-operation, featuring an array of functions that include Shape Editing Mode for creating customized rimless and semi-rimless eyewear. The on-screen display allows tracing data editing “by quadrant”. Frame angle data entry and/or adjustment (“Z-Tilt” angle) are also possible when necessary, if tracing demo lenses or patterns of high curve frames.
Vital Stats: Using proprietary 3-D patented technology, the LT-1200 captures tracing data by digitizing 1,000 reference points per eye for maximum precision, consistently achieving a 99.9 percent level of accuracy and greater one-cut edging results. The unit is a simple “plug and play” and is VCA compliant.; (800) 644-3343