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Super Systems Launches New Website


Top Line: Super Systems is launching a new website,
Close Up: The site features improved navigation and provides a comprehensive look into the benefits of Super Systems’ FastGrind, an all-in-one modified lens surfacing system designed for independent practices of any size. The site offers what the company describes as a “robust shopping experience” for lab equipment and supply needs.
“We started our first website in 1997,” said John Corsini, president of Super Systems. As one of the early adopters of the internet, we wanted to consistently keep things fresh and up to date as the times change. Our company wanted a new, responsive website that made it easy for users to maneuver through. This new website will make user’s interaction with Super Systems far more rewarding.” FastGrind functions on software that is continually upgraded to easily accommodate the newest and best lenses. This can be accomplished easily on the new, enhanced customer login page, Super Systems said.
Vital Stats: FastGrind includes a lifetime warranty. With tap water, electric and minimal training, FastGrind owners can be up and running in the same day, ready to make lenses.; (513) 321-2456

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