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Visiometrics Launches Next Generation Optical Quality Analysis System


HD Analyzer
Top Line: Visiometrics is launching the next generation of its Optical Quality Analysis System (OQAS), the HD Analyzer, following the issuance of the European CE mark for the system. The HD Analyzer is a unique diagnostic system that allows for an objective analysis of optical quality.
Close Up: The system provides a measure of light scatter, which is caused by a variation of the refractive index, corneal disease or imperfections on the ocular surface, which can lead to degradation in image quality. Light scatter is not measurable using traditional wavefront aberrometry and presents a diagnostic challenge that only the HD Analyzer is currently able to answer.

“We are pleased to have achieved this milestone and are excited to bring this technology to Europe. The HD Analyzer has been well received by US ophthalmologists and we anticipate a similar reaction from European ophthalmologists,” said Jan Bonel, Visiometrics CEO. “The HD Analyzer gives ophthalmologists the ability to go beyond traditional means of vision assessment, which is increasingly important in today’s ophthalmology practice.” he said.

Employing double-pass retinal imaging, the HD Analyzer uses a punctual light source that is imaged on the retina. The size and shape of the light are analyzed by the system in order to determine the higher order aberrations and scattered light. The system provides users with the Point Spread Function (PSF), Objective Scattering Index (OSI), as well as the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF).
Vital Stats:
The HD Analyzer is versatile and can be used for:
  • Diagnosing and monitoring the evolution over time of pathologies or refractive disorders.
  • Evaluation of the level of light scatter (OSI) for the early detection of cataract and the determination of its degree of maturity.
  • Comparing pre and post cataract and refractive surgery measurements.
  • Precise measurement of MTF (Modulation Transfer Function), which is overestimated by aberrometers when scattering exists, as in cataract patients.
  • Evaluation of tear film quality
  • Objective measurement of the amplitude of accommodation and pseudoaccommodation.; email:; (+33) 03 88 10 04 10.