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Visionix Releases Wavefront-based Lensmeter

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Visionix VX 35 Lens Meter
Top Line: Visionix is releasing a new automatic lensmeter, the VX 35.
Close Up: The wavefront-based lensmeter features a 130-point simultaneous measurement. Built with patented Visionix Power Map technology, the VX 35 offers exceptionally rapid and accurate measurements, according to Visionix.
Vital Stats: This instrument also features a unique green light measurement which optimizes accuracy regardless of the lens type. Additionally, the VX 35 saves time by using the same method for measuring both prescription and UV transmission. With a wide range of measurement for all lens types, automatic detection of progressive lenses, an integrated thermal printer, PD measurement, and a contact lens mode, the VX 35 offers the full range of features eyecare professionals require.; click on E-Catalogue. (800) 292-7468