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VM Microsite Delivers 'Intelligent Office' Techniques and Technologies

The Intelligent Office is a VM microsite dedicated to innovative systems and technologies that provide new ways for eyecare practices and optical retail stores to communicate with patients, insurance companies, suppliers, doctor alliances and other medical professionals. Using mobile apps and other high tech tools integrated with cloud computing and new types of Internet-based software, the technologies found in the Intelligent Office manage information with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This enables eyecare professionals to deliver a higher level of personalized eyecare along with greater operational efficiencies, often resulting in increased profits.

Through regularly updated content, The Intelligent Office covers topics such as mobile health, electronic health records, patient portals, patient education, diagnostic instruments, lens and dispensing technology, practice management and staff training. These topics are categorized in five Intelligent Office sections—Dispensary, Exam Lane, Practice Systems, Waiting Room and Outside the Office.

Visit to step into the Intelligent Office and learn about the latest automated technologies for improving patient care and communication, streamlining your office management and ultimately upgrading the overall efficiency of your practice.