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D-Eye Intros Portable Retinal Imaging System


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Product: D-Eye
Top Line: D-Eye is an affordable and portable retinal examiner. Created by D-Eye, based in Padua, Italy, the FDA-registered device consists of a phone-case-sized add-on that turns an iPhone or Android smartphone into a fundus camera capable of taking high-definition images and video of the eye for health screening and evaluation.
Close Up: D-Eye offers an up to 20-degree field of view for easy observations, including the optic nerve, without any disturbing corneal glare. The fundus camera can be used in any setting by a variety of health professionals ranging from ophthalmologists, optometrists, neurologists, general practitioners, emergency physicians, and pediatricians to school nurses, EMTs, and others. Its convenient and ergonomic design makes it particularly beneficial for use with children, bedridden patients, and even animals.
The D-Eye app provides step-by-step instructions, contains a glossary of conditions of the eye, archives all examinations on a patient chart for convenient file management, and allows the examiner to email or upload images for review by appropriately trained medical specialists. Additionally, the device’s imaging capabilities allow for medical professionals to have unprecedented dialogues with their patients—offering up visuals in real-time to easily explain diagnoses.
Vital Stats: D-Eye’s HIPAA-compliant D-Eye ImageVault, which will be made available later this year, also will offer a subscription-based cloud platform service to enable storing and sharing images among medical professionals, promoting telemedicine applications.

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