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Eyetek Intros Versatile Acuity Testing System


Product: DAS (Digital Acuity System)
Top Line: Eyetek’s new DAS (Digital Acuity System) uses the latest in advanced and affordable technology. A computer, the size of a pack of gum, plugs directly into the HDMI of an LCD TV. A rechargeable handset uses only nine buttons to perform the same tasks as 30-button systems that cost almost two-and-a-half times as much. Everything needed to start using the system is provided.
Close Up:
Standard tests include:
  • Snellen, children, E's, numbers, contrast
  • Single line occlusion
  • Single line
  • Single letter Snellen and child
  • Color test
  • Red/green overlay
  • Aux tests, fixation, astig. wheel, Worth 4 dot
  • Educational videos, or add your own movies
  • Photo gallery or add your own photos
  • Wi-fi with web browsing
  • Unlimited apps available on the Android store.
Vital Stats: Made and supported in the US. $895, less in quantities. Flat rate, next day service $89, after warranty.; (800) 323-4382