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Konan Medical Releases Flex Visual Acuity on Chart2020 Duo iPad App


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Product: Flex Visual Acuity for Chart2020 Duo iPad App
Top Line: Konan Medical has released a feature-rich Flex visual acuity app for ophthalmology, optometry, clinical trials and other medical uses on Apple iTunes for Retina display iPad devices as an add-in to its Chart2020 Duo app.
Close Up: The Flex visual acuity test allows clinicians to dynamically and instantly adjust visual acuity test parameters to test from 33 cm (14 inches) to 6 meters (20 feet). The test includes industry standard, Sloan specification literate, illiterate, and pediatric optotypes for western and 6 global languages. Flex is gesture-driven to simply and intuitively display acuity lines, single letters, and full charts including smart randomization and reverse contrast on retina display iPad devices.
The Chart2020 Duo app provides a framework for precise, iPad administered vision tests as well as the most advanced controller for distance visual acuity and ocular performance testing with the Windows application, Chart2020.
 “Flex marks a new chapter in our vision assessment products, bringing professional-grade visual acuity tests onto high resolution mobile devices such as Apple’s Retina display iPads,” said Charles Wm. Stewart, OD, Konan Medical USA CEO. “We have previewed Flex with ophthalmologists and optometrists for standard VA testing, out of office screenings, clinical trials, school nurses, and even with emergency rooms physicians to bring the vision tests to the patients. Flex is on-the-fly precision acuity testing at reading distances, computer distances or even full distance vision testing,” said Dr. Stewart.
Vital Stats: Konan’s Chart2020 professional-grade Flex visual acuity app is now available on the Chart2020 Duo app at the Apple iTunes store.; (949) 521-7730