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My Vision Express Creates Interfaces With Veatch Ophthalmic Devices


Product: My Vision Express-Veatch Interfaces
Top Line: My Vision Express (MVE) has created interfaces with diagnostic devices and systems from Veatch Ophthalmic. These new interfaces will allow MVE users to transfer readings from the devices to a patient’s record in the software. The devices and systems that are included are the Veatch Digital Refraction Suite, Veatch Digital Refraction System, and the Veatch Yeasn LightSpeed Auto Lensmeter.
The Veatch Digital Refraction System is an economical package designed to digitize the eye exam process. The system digitally transfers the Auto Refractor/Keratometer data to the Digital Refractor and Visual Acuity Chart in the Exam room, eliminating errors and allowing for a quicker, more efficient exam process.
Close Up: The Yeasn LightSpeed Auto Lensmeter is a true wavefront lensmeter for optimal performance. The Hartmann Shack sensor and Green LED provide the highest of accuracy, while the unique parallel processor provides amazingly fast data.
The Veatch Digital Refraction Suite is a complete suite of products to maximize your efficiency and enhance your exam process. The suite includes the Potec PRK-5000L Auto Refractor/Keratometer, Lensmeter, the Potec PDR-7000 Digital Refractor and the Potec PLC-7000 Visual Acuity Chart.
Vital Stats: Medical device interfaces help to maximize technology investment of an EHR and practice management software and streamline paperless exams. Nearly 200 diagnostic medical devices have interfacing compatibility with My Vision Express. View the complete list of devices compatible with MVE at; (800) 447-7511

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