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US Ophthalmic Debuts All-In-One Digital Refraction System


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Product: Ezer Digital Practice 7800
Top Line: US Ophthalmic is introducing the Ezer Digital Practice 7800, an all-inclusive refraction system.
Close Up: The Ezer Digital Practice 7800 is made up of three powerful devices—the ERK-7800 Autorefractor/Keratometer, the EDR-7800 Digital Refractor, and the ECP-5400 Chart Projector.
  • The ERK-7800 combines all of the necessary visual pre-testing functions in one instrument. Operators can perform refractometry and keratometry alone or simultaneously, while benefiting from features such as the auto-fogging mechanism. The measurement range is -25.00D to +22.00. Retro-illumination, an IOL mode and more all work together to make the ERK-7800 exceptionally powerful. Sharp images with easy-to-understand icons make the unit’s 6.4-inch color TFT LCD interface user-friendly as well as comfortable, thanks to the monitor’s tilt mechanism.
  • The EDR-7800 Digital Refractor is recently re-engineered device featuring a full range of built-in tests, routines and units that are fully customizable. Users simply program their preferences into the EDR-7800 so the doctor or technician can reliably perform the refraction steps in a specific order. The 8-inch LCD touch panel is a powerful communication and programming hub that also allows practices to accurately perform color blindness tests and assess near vision using built-in charts and images. The unit offers 180° of tilt. It also features a key pad with well-organized keys grouped by function. Numerous tests and charts are readily available. Lens operation is speedy and accurate. The EDR-7800 allows for direct comparison of objective test results with the subjective test result.
  • The ECP-5400 is clear, sharp and quick. It features a versatile, programmable remote control. Operators can randomly select any of the 31 test charts or use the program feature to create two user-defined chart sequences. The masking controls allow users to isolate horizontal and vertical lines or individual characters. The red/green filter can be applied to any chart.

Vital Stats: All components carry a 2-year warranty and are EMR compatible as well as Bluetooth ready; (888) 334-4640