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Coburn Technologies Releases Huvitz Auto Refractor/Keratometer


Auto Refractor/Keratometer Series (Model #: HRK-7000A)
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is introducing a new portfolio of over a dozen diagnostic systems and products to the U.S. ophthalmic market including auto ref-keratometers, digital refractions, auto lensmeters, slit lamps and digital charts. These new products will be manufactured and distributed through a strategic partnership with Huvitz Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of digital refraction systems worldwide. Coburn has been working with Huvitz since 2011 to develop and distribute the popular Excelon and Exxpert series of edgers and other in-house finishing equipment.
Close Up: Unlike many conventional diagnostic devices, this series utilizes a unique wavefront technology algorithm based on Hartmann-Shack that surpasses conventional and simple refraction. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refraction error of a patient, but to obtain a spatially resolved refraction map. The system utilizes joystick control with one-touch locking and automatic three dimensional eye tracking for fast and accurate measurement.
The 7000 series also offers a Retro-Illumination Mode for abnormal crystalline lenses, cataracts, and scratches of corneas. With increased REF power, you also can check sphere, cylinder and axis that cannot be measured in the normal mode.
  • Optimized wavefront technology
  • Graphical display of refraction map
  • Peripheral keratometry measurement
  • Retro-illumination mode
  • Pupil and iris size measurements
  • Auto eye tracking
  • Animated on-screen guide
  • High-speed printer
  • Network connectivity
Vital Stats: Coburn's new diagnostic systems website will be online by the end of June 2013.; (800) 843-1479