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M&S Offers Near Vision Test for Android Tablet


Product: Smart System Computerized Near Vision Testing
Top Line: M&S Technologies’ Smart System product line now includes computerized near vision testing using an Android-based tablet in lieu of a standard remote control.
Close Up: Integrated with M&S Technologies’ Smart System android-based tablet, eyecare professionals can easily display a variety of near vision targets, including fully randomizable Sloan letters and Lea Symbols, in a portable, easy-to-handle, high-tech solution. Users can customize the look of the screen to make the tests more prominent. For maximum value, users can toggle from 16 inches to a 10 foot distance thus allowing a convenient method for screening vision at health fairs, nursing homes and other situations requiring both a distance and near acuity chart.
“By developing a convenient and portable tool for effective near vision testing, we continue our goal of helping eyecare professionals to streamline and maximize their practice. This technology further differentiates M&S from others in the industry selling eye charts that simply replace the manual projector. The near vision testing app delivers the accuracy and dependability that customers get from all M&S products,” said Kevin Butler, director of technology for M&S Technologies.
Vital Stats: M&S Technologies is a software company specializing in visual testing systems and dedicated to developing products for eyecare professionals, optometry schools and universities, and products used in clinical trials. To date, over 20,000 systems are in use across 39 countries with a growing network that includes 23 distributors and several strategic industry alliances.; (847) 763-0500