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Visionix Debuts New Refraction System at Vision Expo East 2014


VX 55
Top Line: Visionix Inc., a company of Luneau Technology, introduced the VX 55,
a new type of digital phoropter, at International Vision Expo East 2014. The VX 55 combines the simplicity and comfort of a manual phoropter with technological advances that allow for connectivity among diagnostic devices in the practice, and easy importation of measurement findings into EMR systems. Users can digitize their manual phoropter and control the entire refraction process from a tablet, increasing efficiency and making refractions quicker and easier than ever before.
Close Up:
  • Ergonomic design that allows for freedom of movement and full control over the phoropter head and projection chart display.
  • Bluetooth wireless communication between the head and the tablet.
  • Full control of the digital phoropter.
  • Add "assist" function offering easier operation when testing the add value in near vision.
  • Built-in white LED lighting offers clear and safe illumination at the touch of a button.
  • Ability to memorize two refractions and gather feedback on preference from patient.
  • Tablet allows communication with the chart displays as a complete remote control.
  • Tablet shows the optotypes on the display screen, enabling user to see what patient is reading without user having to adjust body position.
  • VXBox communication box (completely wireless interface with the autorefractor and auto lensmeter).
  • Can be networked into EMR system so data is transmitted.
  • into patient file with the touch of one button.
  • Smooth, quiet lens selection.
  • Multi-coated lenses for better performance.
Vital Stats: There is little to no learning curve with the interactive tutorial guide screen and familiar interface, according to Visionix.; video:; (800) 292-7468