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App Snaps: Outside the Office


True Patient Web Scheduler

"The real power is the integration of recall communication with the scheduler."

Why I like it: “The month after we installed the 4PatientCare system, we had a significant revenue enhancement that went straight to the bottom line. It was fun to walk in and see all the appointments patients booked on their smartphones when the office was closed. We had high hopes for the system – it exceeded our expectations. The real power is the integration of recall communication with the scheduler. The system already knows the target patient, provider and location; in just a few taps on their smartphone the patient has a real appointment for a specific date and time; all following my practices’ complex scheduling rules.” — David Golden, OD, Golden Optometric Group, Whittier, Calif.

Developer: 4PatientCare

What it is: A tool to fill a practice schedule with desired patients by providing consumers a level of self-service they have become accustomed to in every other service industry. It can be used as a general purpose tool when linked from a practice web-page, Facebook or find-a-doctor site (such as the EyeMed Provider Locator). The power multiplies when integrated with 4PatientCare intelligent escalation recalls. Each patient communication is embedded with the patient, provider and recall reason that provides a personalized patient web scheduler which can be activated from a text message, secure email or QR code.

What it does: The 4PatientCare Web Scheduler integrates with all major practice management system schedulers. Patients can self-schedule at any time to open available slots, which the practice chooses to expose, following practice business rules for scheduling. Each provider at each location can specify the appointment type, template, length, start times, insurance and prior-authorization rules they want to apply.

Where to get it: Accessible from any smartphone with a mobile browser via the url link of any participating 4PatientCare practice.

MyRev Mobile App

“There are several apps I use every day, and this no doubt will be one.”

Why I like it: “RevolutionEHR continues to push into new frontiers by providing me access to my practice through the myRev mobile app. There are several apps I use every day, and this no doubt will be one.” — James E. Harris, OD, FAAO, Modern Eye Care, Concord, N.C.

Developer: RevolutionEHR

What it is: A smartphone-optimized app for RevolutionEHR doctors who want to see a variety of EHR components in a mobile platform while away from the office. What it does: Enables users of RevolutionEHR cloud-based practice management and electronic health records software to access their patient schedule for any location, review any patient record for contact and demographic information, and read any staff-to-doctor or patient-to-doctor messages in an encrypted-access, HIPAA-compliant manner from any smartphone.

Where to get it: Available for free to any RevolutionEHR user on iOS for iPhone at the Apple iTunes App Store and for Android at Google Play.


“The focus on vision screening draws people in."

Why I like it: The focus on vision screening draws people in. The opportunity to attract patients through the doctor finder and the ability to stay connected to people are more important than ever because of competition out there. These are valuable parts of the app.” — Steve Vargo, OD, Eagle Eye Optique, Crown Point, Ind.

Developer: Global EyeVentures LLC

What it is: Mobile eyecare app for smartphones and tablets that seamlessly connects consumers to eyecare providers across the U.S.

What it does: The EyeXam app gives consumers a free vision screening, a GPS-based eyecare provider database search, two-way communication allowing for appointment scheduling, real-time messaging and money- saving promotional offers, an eye health dictionary and a way to check eyecare insurance benefits. The eyecare provider gets software to manage the connection and communication process and to market to consumers.

Where to get it: Apple iTunes App Store:
Google Play:

EyeDoc App

"It’s something cool and something different.”

Why I like it:
“Patients can contact us anytime they want, look up their records in the middle of the night, pick up the phone and send us a message, or order more contacts. It’s something cool and something different than just doing Yelp or Facebook.” — Dennis DeLee, OD, Dean Optical, Chicago, Ill.

Developer: Scott Pouyat, OD, Lake Zurich EyeCare

What it is: The EyeDoc App is a customized mobile app designed specifically for eyecare professionals.

What it does: Enables eyecare practices to develop their own individual mobile app to connect to patients; compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems. Able to request/book appointments, order contact lenses, provide quick access to approved articles including a specialized Eye Encyclopedia. Also includes built-in links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, including access to YouTube and customized practice information such as Google Maps and directions. Practitioners can update their office information, announce new practice services, promote customized deals and promotions and communicate with patients.

Where to get it:

PatientReach Mobile

"Creates a successful ‘wow’ factor which helps us generate internal referrals."

Why I like it: “We started using PatientReach shortly after it was available. We strive to provide an ‘experience’ in our office with exceptional service and technology. PatientReach allows patients to see how we utilize the latest technology and helps them understand what to expect for their examination. It creates a successful ‘wow’ factor which helps us generate internal referrals. Our office utilizes apps on tablet devices on a daily basis. From using a tablet to check-in patients, helping a patient understand a diagnosis, or finding that perfect fitting eyewear in our optical, apps help shape our practice into the next era of technology.” — Krishan Patel, OD, Today’s Vision Rayford, Spring, Texas

Developer: Solutionreach, Inc.

What it is: PatientReach Mobile is a free application download for patients to help them maintain their eye health while keeping them connected and loyal to your practice.

What it does: The mobile version of the PatientReach tablet app lets patients engage in secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging with the doctor; review or schedule appointments; and manage payments. Links to Facebook and Twitter. Patients can view all their past appointments and request an appointment giving specific times available. Practitioners can customize the app with their own branding and send out push notifications to patients when bills are overdue. Images can be attached to secure messages between the doctor and patient.

Where to get it: Apple iTunes App Store:

Demandforce Mobile

Developer: Demandforce

What it is: A free enhancement for Demandforce customers enabling users to access customer information, measure results, check daily appointments and track their reputation.

What it does: Allows users to reach customers when they need to, monitor how much revenue Demandforce is making for their business, manage their appointment schedule with up-to-date calendar view, and stay up on the conversations customers are having online. Users can access the Demandforce dashboard from their smartphone and react to real-time results. Appointment requests can be reviewed and reacted to as soon as they come in. Surveys are visible upon submission, enabling users to contact patients with complaints who require attention.

Where to get it: This app is only available to Demandforce subscribers. When a client signs up they are sent instructions for download.


Developer: Vertical Motion

What it is: Mobile-based two-way loyalty program platform to enable optometrists to engage with clients and build loyalty.

What it does: Provides visibility into key performance indications that display whether customers are engaging and participating in social networks, referrals and rewards, while motivating them to do so with points earned through a mobile app that replaces cards, tokens, and stamps. The system also allows administrators and front-desk staff to have more control and less hassle than with traditional programs as they can set and monitor their auto-adjusted on-hand inventory, amount of points awarded for specific actions, and points redemption values.

Where to get it: or