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drchrono Launches PHR Platform With HealthKit Integration on iOS 8

Product: Integration of drchrono’s “onpatient” PHR platform with Apple’s HealthKit on iOS 8.
Top Line: drchrono is launching its Personal Health Record platform (PHR), “onpatient,” with an Apple HealthKit integration on iOS 8.
Close Up: This integration allows patients to import data they choose from the Health app into their onpatient personal health records and send it to their physician in an easy-to-digest snapshot.
“In the last few years, patients have been trying to bring their wellness data into the office, but I just couldn’t look at it all, said James Rieger, MD. This new format gives me an easy and fast way to gain insight on my patient’s health and lifestyle right inside of my electronic health record platform.”
Vital Stats: Consumers using onpatient can sync many data points, including blood glucose levels, weight, heart rate, flights of stairs climbed and steps walked from wearable data sources, as well as other key metrics from fitness apps and consumer medical instrumentation like glucose monitors or blood pressure cuffs.
“The problem with patient’s sharing fitness data with their doctors has been that the doctor doesn’t have enough time to wade through a lot of data,” said Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder and COO of drchrono. “We are giving patients a way to send a curated snapshot of this wellness data to their personal physicians in a way that can be digested quickly. Having this data inside of our award winning Electronic Health Record is bridging the gap between a consumer’s fitness and wellness data and their provider’s medical records.”