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CooperVision to Launch E-commerce Service for Contact Lens Ordering


PLEASANTON, Calif.— CooperVision is unveiling an e-commerce service designed to help independent eyecare practitioners build their contact lens business and provide patients with an online method of purchasing their lenses from the ECP’s practice.

CooperVision is offering the service, called LensFerry, through its WebSystem3 subsidiary. Now in its U.S. beta release, LensFerry allows wearers to quickly and conveniently order replacement contact lenses from any manufacturer via their mobile device, tablet or computer for fast shipment to their homes. The prescribing practice receives the sales revenue as if the lenses had been ordered in-office, and all LensFerry communications are customized with the practice’s name and/or logo.

“What’s key to operating a successful eyecare practice is not only delivering optimal clinical care, but also providing the most convenient way for wearers to purchase their lenses,” said Jeremy Godsil, general manager of WebSystem3. “With LensFerry, we’ve created an e-commerce contact lens ordering solution branded specifically to each individual practice. It meets practices’ needs in today’s digital-commerce driven world, enhancing wearer convenience and compliance while deepening the practitioner-wearer relationship. In doing so, it also provides the potential to increase the ECP’s contact lens revenue.”

The service, which will be part of WebSystem3’s EyeCare Prime suite later this year, includes contact lenses from all manufacturers at ECPs’ specified prices. The lenses are shipped directly to the wearer’s home or business through LensFerry’s partnership with ABB Optical Group, the leading U.S. contact lens distributor.

CooperVision said LensFerry was developed with input from a group of U.S. optometrists representing a range of practice sizes and locations. The service’s beta launch period is anticipated to take place over the next 90 days, accounting for testing and final design. LensFerry is then expected to roll out to other U.S. practices, with the potential for select international availability in 2015.