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EyeStarTV Digital Signage Enhances Patient Wait Time

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Product: EyeStarTV
Top Line: EyeStarTV’s “digital signage solution” educates and informs patients about new product promotions, services offered, office policies, the ECPs social media sites, referral rewards, trivia/news and sales events. EyeStar TV videos can also be used on the practice’s website and social media pages.
Close Up: With a library of over 600 videos, EyeStar’s practice-oriented content ranges from the importance of regular eye exams to the latest in digital lenses. The company primarily showcases videos that are practice-oriented.

“We believe that a typical office has between a five- to 20-minute window of opportunity to present information about the practice while patients are in the waiting room,” said Paul Salsberg, EyeStar TV’s vice president of operations. “That's why our customers tend to focus on what they believe their patients want to see, including the latest technology, doctor bios, contacts/frame warranties and sales. We can also intersperse office oriented content with news, weather, UV index, stocks, community events, etc.”
Key features:
  • Create a more polished waiting room experience with professional looking videos
  • Access over 600 library videos plus a free monthly customized video on nearly any subject
  • Videos can be display anywhere in the office and on websites and social media.
  • EyeStarTV creates the customized videos using text supplied by customers. Turnaround time is less than five business days.
Vital Stats: To view demo videos, visit or; (866) 533-CONX (2669)

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