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Which Tools Keep ECPs In High-Tech Touch With Their Patients?


Electronic communication . . . some might assume that it would make for impersonal interaction between the doctor and the patient. In fact, the reverse is true. As interactive communication technology becomes more automated it allows for more customization and ultimately more, not less, personalization. Eyecare professionals (ECPs) and their patients can now choose the ways in which they stay in touch—by email, text, cell phone, or even the old tried-and-true methods such as landline or postcard.

As electronic communication techniques evolve to enable ECPs and their patients to communicate as frequently (or infrequently) as they like, in the ways in which they choose, newer technologies are also becoming available. Now, not only do these systems automate recalls, scheduling and other basics of communication between ECPs and patients, but they can also access and manipulate all the data a practice has on file to make staff members exceedingly more efficient and practitioners exceptionally more effective.

By now, most ECPs should be familiar with the four primary interactive, patient communication and engagement systems in widespread usage throughout the optical field—4PatientCare, Demandforce, Solutionreach and Websystem3—and the basic features they offer. In addition, a couple of new players have recently come forth to expand the field even further—TeleVox and Brevium.

On the following pages, learn how ECPs throughout the country are using these patient communication systems to keep their schedules full, make their staff members more efficient and ultimately improve their bottom lines. In addition, new features and new technologies are enabling ECPs to drill down even further, accessing data they already have on file while gathering new information to not only bring in more patients but to maintain and improve the relationships with the ones they already have.

Read the following “High Tech = High Touch” sections about Recalls and Reactivation, Integrating and Partnering, and What’s on the Horizon to find out how you too can tap into automated electronic communications systems to free up your time, fill up your schedule and create a far more efficient operation.

This article continues Vision Monday’s series on The Intelligent Office, covering how eyecare practices use new technologies to manage information with unprecedented speed and efficiency. From reaching out to patients before they make an appointment, through connecting with them while they’re there, and following up with them afterward, The Intelligent Office automates the interaction between patient and practitioner, streamlining communications and improving efficiencies.