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Top Line: Reimbursement Plus, a leading supplier of cloud-based CPT & ICD Data Information Services, is releasing a major update to its medical coding and compliance service.
Close Up: According to company president John Rumpakis, OD, ReimbursementPlus’s proprietary and intuitive CodeSense and SmartTile technology makes coding questions and answers a single-click process. As a result of the update, the learning curve for doctors or staff has been eliminated, and ECPs have access to more relevant information than they have ever had before.
Vital Stats: Using, ECPs can easily get answers to questions about:
  • surgical global periods, physician supervision rules, and covered diagnoses for a specific procedures.
  • complex rules regarding which codes you can perform and bill on the same date of service? We Have The Solution.
  • setting fees to maximize income in a declining reimbursement environment;