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The Vision Care Institute UV Protection App

"We can show our patients how solar angle can impact their exposure."

Why I like it: If we can show our patients how solar angle can impact their exposure and the cataract development and other eye problems that UV exposure can cause, then they understand that they need to wear their sunglasses.” — Tina McCarty, OD, The Eye Care Center, Maple Grove, Minn.

Developer: The Vision Care Institute, LLC, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

What it is: The UV Protection App helps eyecare professionals educate patients about why protecting their eyes is as important as protecting their skin, and it includes steps they can take to help protect their eyes.

What it does: Specifically for the iPad, the app demonstrates who needs protection, the cumulative effects of UV rays on the eyes, the impact of environmental exposure to the eyes throughout the day, and steps to take to help protect eyes from harmful UV radiation.

Where to get it: Apple iTunes App Store: