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Alphaeon Launches TouchMD Interactive Patient Education Platform


TouchMD ophthalmology practice development software .
Top Line: Strathspey Crown Holdings LLC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Alphaeon Corporation, in partnership with Eyemaginations, is introducing the TouchMD interactive software platform to help ophthalmologists engage patients in the education process.
Close Up: Currently in use by more than 750 physicians in 10 countries, the TouchMD practice development platform helps practices better educate their patients on lifestyle health care procedures and treatments. With the TouchMD relationship, current Eyemaginations users will be able to upgrade their subscription to include the interactive capabilities TouchMD offers. “TouchMD is a huge step forward in modernizing the patient education experience,” said Alphaeon chief marketing officer Shareef Mahdavi. “Just as Eyemaginations digitized patient education over a decade ago, this collaboration will take the patient experience to a new level, turning what was a passive encounter into active engagement.”
Vital Stats: Alphaeon is a lifestyle health care company committed to partnering with board-certified physicians to develop and bring to market technologies and services that promote patient wellness, beauty and performance. Eyemaginations is a health care media company with in-depth experience with animation, design and software, enabling it to create integrated systems that provide clear and concise education solutions for customers. TouchMD CEO Kary Smith said, “It's exciting to bring Eyemaginations, the leader in patient education software, together with TouchMD, the state-of-the-art consultation and marketing software, so that ophthalmologists can run more profitable practices and have more satisfied patients.”; (435) 867-0077