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Versus Advantages Clinic Improves Patient Flow, Enhances Bottom Line


Product: Versus Advantages Clinic for Eye Care
Top Line: Versus Advantages Clinic for Eye Care from Versus Technology is designed to improve the efficiency of an eyecare practice’s operations, saving time on each patient visit, allowing ECPs to add more visits to their schedule.
Close Up: Advantages Clinic uses real-time locating system (RTLS) technology to provide visibility into current operations and automated alerts to streamline patient flow and reduce wait times, cycle times and overall lengths of stay. Plus, the system automatically collects historical data, allowing ECPs to benchmark and continually improve their processes. In fact, the system enabled one practice to increase capacity by 15 percent without increasing patient wait times, according to Versus Technology.
The solution can help produce such results by:
  • Proactively alerting staff when the patient completes each stage of care
  • Monitoring, in real time, optometrist and technician patient volume
  • Comparing scheduled appointment times and wait times for every patient
  • Knowing instantly which rooms are available, occupied or ready for turnover
Vital Stats: Advantages Clinic for Eye Care is produced by Versus Technology.; 1-877-9VERSUS