10 Paths to Practice Differentiation, VM Explores the Specialized Optometry #Megatrend

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NEW YORK—Specialization, a trend taking place in many medical professions, is reshaping optometry today. As modern living changes the way we use our eyes, many optometrists, particularly those in private practice, have responded by developing specialties to address specific patients' vision needs. Some specialties, such as pediatrics and low vision, have been long established in optometry, while others, like dry eye management and neuro-optometry are more recent additions. Yet all seem to be benefitting from the advent of new technologies and treatment methods which are bringing exciting changes to vision care. VM explores this Megatrend and looks at 10 paths to practice differentiation in its #Megatrend Cover Topic this month.

These paths are attracting ODs looking to add a new dimension to their general practice, or even create an entirely specialized practice, as many ophthalmologists have done. Those who choose to specialize do it as a way to distinguish themselves and differentiate their practices. To better understand what's driving the trend in optometry, Vision Monday looks at practices with such specialties as sports vision, neuro-optometry, pediatric, senior care, dry eye, vision therapy, low vision, contact lenses, myopia management and aesthetics.