ABB Optical Group Debuts New Brand for Labs Network


HAWTHORNE, N.Y.—ABB Optical Group has created a single brand for its optical labs, the Digital Eye Lab Network (DEL Network), and unveiled a new logo.

The Digital Eye Lab Network encompasses the original DEL facility in Hawthorne, N.Y., as well as three labs that were acquired in ABB Optical’s 2016 purchase of Diversified Ophthalmics: DLab in Cincinnati, Summit Optical in Nashville, and TriOptics in Milwaukee. Each lab will now be identified by its city under the Digital Eye Lab Network umbrella. The New York and Cincinnati facilities will serve as core hubs and the Nashville and Milwaukee labs will provide specialty services as satellite locations.

“For customers, this means the best of both worlds,” said DEL managing director Scott Pearl. “We can offer the benefits of our larger hub labs—increased speed, an expanded portfolio and reduced costs—along with the specialized capabilities of our satellite labs for more complex work.”

ABB Optical is working to fully integrate all four facilities by early 2018, which will allow previous Diversified customers to order from the full DEL portfolio of products, and DEL Network customers to order product lines formerly available only to Diversified customers.

DEL’s portfolio includes a large selection of single vision and progressive lens designs from Shamir and Seiko as well as DEL’s own proprietary designs and AR coatings, the Digital Master Series, Digital 5.0 Lens Series, Claris HD, Claris HD PLUS, and Claris bluDefense. Once the integration is complete, the DEL Network portfolio also will include Varilux, Crizal and the proprietary PureSite lens series from the former Diversified collection.

ABB Optical is developing a new online ordering portal that will allow practices to order all product lines, including branded and private-brand lenses, with a single sign-on.

“We are networking our platforms across all four facilities to create improvements in turnaround time, easy access to a broad range of products, and simplified ordering,” Pearl said. “ABB is well positioned to be a practice’s optical liaison across all eyewear and lab work channels."