AOA Lends Support to 'Great Glasses Play Day' National Event on Aug. 5

NEW YORK--Organizers of the Great Glasses Play Day initiative that is bringing together participating ECPs, optical retailers, educators and parents to help bring awareness to children's eye health and kids wearing eyeglasses, report that the American Optometric Association (AOA) is now lending support to the group.

Michael R. Duenas, OD, the AOA's Chief Public Health Officer, told VMail, "We are helping to get the word out and support the efforts of the Great Glasses Play Day and we look forward to future collaboration as the Great Glasses Play Day grows."

The Great Glasses Play Day was conceived by Peeps Eyewear founder, Kristin Ellsworth, who built her special collection of sparkly pink and purple eyeglass frames designed for girls ages 3 to 7 with accompanying dress-up kits and a book called "Princesses Wear Glasses," a story inspired by her desire to help her daughter adjust to her new frames. Ellsworth teamed up with Great Glasses Play Day co-sponsor Ann Zawistoski, the founder of Little Four Eyes, an online support community for parents of young children who wear glasses.

The two have been very busy, contacting a number of eyecare providers and groups across the country, reaching out to parent support groups and "Mommy bloggers" to build awareness about children's vision health. With the assistance of such groups as the Children's Eye Foundation, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin, Kaboom and Ficklets, the team has confirmed supporters among dozens of optical retailers and ECPs around the country.

More about the initiative, including which eyecare practices and retailers are involved and how to take part is posted now on