BOULDER, Colo.—A new venture, Business Outside, is being launched by Bart Foster,  president and CEO, with a goal of "becoming the standard for leadership and business facilitation for the future of work, which will be hybrid and remote workforces that crave flexibility, but who still need the connection and culture of in-person interactions." BusinessOutside motivates people to get outside—literally and figuratively—outside in the great outdoors, and outside outdated corporate norms. “Teams are stuck ‘inside’—inside video calls, inside their corporate hierarchy, inside a mountain of email and meetings, and inside their self-imposed limitations on what’s possible,” said  Foster, founder of BusinessOutside.

“BusinessOutside is an antidote to the ‘inside’ culture that is permeating corporations around the world. Employees demand it, and leaders must respond.”

Foster, a "serial entrepreneur" who founded Sanitas Advisors and a health care technology startup, has been teaching BusinessOutside principles to numerous Fortune 500 CEOs and executives. He has launched BusinessOutside "to enable authentic people-first cultures by reimagining cultural 'norms' and reenergizing individuals."

Sanitas Advisors, founded by Foster, which incorporates BusinessOutside principles into its practices, will continue to operate as a separate entity focused on the eyecare and health care industries. Foster believes BusinessOutside principles and methods are applicable to all individuals and teams but emphasizes the importance in the post-pandemic world.

"The return of the corporate retreat is coming, but not the boondoggles of the past,” said Foster. "Remote and hybrid employees will demand genuine connections, where they can bring their authentic selves, and leave empowered and reenergized. We want to partner with businesses to reimagine the corporate retreat.”

The Business Outside team includes eyecare industry vets John Walborn and Jeff Poe as well as advisors such as David Barry, a seasoned executive and president of Pursuit; Marc Hodulich, CEO and cofounder of 29029, a premier endurance event; and Amy Sorrells, a veteran communications executive and a senior communications director at Oracle.

BusinessOutside offers many in-person, virtual, and on-demand services. In-person events take place in locations across America where it accesses the great outdoors to incorporate a complete BusinessOutside experience. Services include: facilitation, leadership and executive coaching, board retreats, executive forums, keynotes and workshops and a range of on-demand access resources.

Foster told VMAIL that there will be a BusinessOutside Connection Hike, March 31, in Central Park, during Vision Expo East. All Vision Expo attendees will be invited to join.

He added that The 4th Annual BusinessOutside Eyecare Innovation Summit is scheduled for Oct. 11th-13, 2022 in Boulder, Colo.