ClinicCover Debuts as a New Software Platform for a New Optometry Work Economy

MADISON, Wis.—With more optometrists choosing when, how, and where they practice, a new software platform called ClinicCover has been launched to connect eyecare professionals (ECPs) with patients served by eyecare businesses (ECBs), the new company's executives stated. ClinicCover's Dr. Scott Jens, co-founder and co-CEO, a long-time eyecare industry and software veteran, said, “Too many ECBs have dark, empty exam rooms during too many days of the year. Every time a clinic leaves patients without an ECP to examine and serve them, there are eye health conditions left unmanaged.”

Jens told VMAIL, "ClinicCover has proven software technology that is hyper-simple to use, and it’s free for any ECP that wants to find patient care opportunities in exam rooms that would otherwise not have a doctor in them, even if for a single day. From private practices where a doctor is on vacation, to corporate clinics needing a doctor to fill in, ClinicCover is an incredibly smooth way to connect ECPs to the patients that want to see an excellent eye doctor." He added that these can be new grads, young doctors, as well as those who have been in practice a long time who want to find additional patient care opportunities in their career. "

Starting this week and for the next few months, ClinicCover is focused on registering ECPs into its "Doctor Bank." The initial version of the software has been created and tested in regional markets. In the first few months, ClinicCover invites ECPs to register at no cost on the site here.

Starting this summer, ECBs will begin posting openings by paying a fee to ClinicCover for each opportunity. Once an opportunity is posted, the software will use text alerts to message the ECPs who are eligible matches—and any interested ECP will be presented to the ECB for consideration. ClinicCover will be available for all types of eyecare businesses who can post days of patient care availability.

Jens added, "The ideal doctors for ClinicCover are those who want to own and control the time and place where they practice. These ECPs value flexibility in their schedule, and are hopeful that they can apply their high-quality patient care skills in eyecare business clinics where a doctor might not otherwise be available to see patients. Given the natural evolution of ECP work, and the changing demographics of young ECPs coming out of optometry school, ClinicCover can empower doctors to aspire to find a better work-life balance and to allow them with easily identifiable options for clinical work that don’t require the challenges of business ownership."

ClinicCover co-founders include Jens and Dr. Ali Khoshnevis, co-CEOs. Dr. Jens is an optometry business coach at Sandbox Spaces, and was co-founder and CEO of RevolutionEHR. Dr. Khoshnevis is a software visionary who has launched many successful products including WeRx. Riyaad Seecheran, co-founder and chief product officer, has built and sold several software companies, and his experience included consulting for NASA. Dr. Derrick Artis is senior advisor and board member, who brings a history of leadership in the eyecare industry to the group.