WATERLOO, Ontario—The International Myopia Institute (IMI) has announced plans to continue disseminating results of its recent white papers, including developing short summaries, as noted in a June update to its members. Acknowledging far-reaching interest in the topic, the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) has published “five-minute overviews” of each paper ahead of the official release, authored by the CORE clinical science team. In conjunction with Dr. Kate Gifford, CORE has also created a downloadable set of practical tips on how to implement the clinical management guidelines in practice.

The summaries, reference guide and additional myopia management insights can be accessed for free here.

“IMI’s efforts and impacts cannot be understated, especially given the widespread and growing interest in stemming the progression and problems created by myopia,” said Karen Walsh, clinical scientist and editor of Contact Lens Update, CORE. “We expect to see the same focus on myopia at this week’s American Optometric Association Optometry’s Meeting gathering in St. Louis. It’s clear that many practicing eyecare professionals want a consolidated version of the papers, along with practical guidance on how to create an evidence-based routine for myopia management. We hope our efforts amplify the tremendous body of knowledge being built by the IMI.”

The summaries and clinical insights fact sheet are part of a special edition of Contact Lens Update, which provides a global platform for unbiased clinical insights based in current research. Since 2011, each issue has provided dependable and up-to-date ocular health information for more than 60,000 leading eyecare professionals. The publication receives support from the educational arms of Alcon and Johnson & Johnson Vision.