COVID-19 Crisis Response Tactics: Essilor of America


VM brings you the latest information from optical companies and organizations responding to the coronavirus. Essilor is coming to the aid of eyeglass wearers who struggle with foggy lenses while wearing a face mask, a common problem these days. To remedy this and other lens fogging problems, the company is launching an Anti-Fog Solutions portfolio consisting of two products: Essilor Anti-Fog AR and Optifog. “New ways of life introduce new challenges which demand real solutions,” said Sherianne James, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of customer engagement at Essilor of America.

“Consumers across the country are looking for solutions to their fogging lenses, and Essilor will help our ECP customers provide that solution to their patients.”

Essilor’s Anti-Fog Solutions portfolio consists of two products: Essilor Anti-Fog AR, a new product best suited for patients bothered by fog on their lenses due to wearing face masks, where the fog mostly occurs on the back surface of the lens.

Optifog: For patients bothered by fog due to activities such as skiing (athletes), cooking (chefs), or due to varying weather conditions that create fogging issues on both sides of the lens.

Essilor Anti-Fog Solutions are available nationwide. For product details, visit

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