Essilor Expands Varilux Ellipse With Thin & Lite 1.67 Offering


DALLAS--Essilor of America added a high-index option to its Varilux Ellipse lens line with the introduction of the Varilux Ellipse Thin & Lite 1.67, offering an even thinner option to ECPs fitting patients who want small, rimless eyewear, or patients who need small frames with a high-index lens. The hardcoat version is now available to all independent Varilux laboratories.

Varilux Ellipse reaches 85 percent of the power at only 9.5 mm and features a minimum recommended fitting height of only 14 mm. The new lenses are also compatible with the anti-reflective and hydrophobic properties of Crizal Alize.

Patients who prefer small, rimless eyewear now have another option with the Varilux Ellipse Thin & Lite 1.67 high-index lens.

"With the introduction of Varilux Ellipse Thin & Lite 1.67, Ellipse becomes the indisputable lens of choice for all small frame lenses... whether their rimless or not," said Mike Daley, president of Essilor Lenses. "Varilux Ellipse offers the widest far vision field--140 degrees without visual acuity loss--meeting the patient demand for thinner and lighter lenses." The Ellipse line of lenses is also compatible with Essilor's Crizal and Alize AR. Because Varilux Ellipse lenses are compatible with Crizal Alize, patients can experience lenses that are amazingly clear and exceptionally easy to clean."

Varilux Ellipse Thin & Lite 1.67 is available in base curves 1.75, 2.75, 3.75, 5.25, 6.50, 8.00) with a power range of +8.00D to -12.00D in 0.75 to 3.00 adds.

Varilux Ellipse lenses were introduced in March 2004 and are also available in polycarbonate under the name Varilux Ellipse Airwear, and in 1.50 index material.--Seth J. Bookey