Essilor Increases Capital Investments to Support Independent ECPs

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DALLAS—Essilor of America is giving independent ECPs a financial boost by activating a bonus rewards program and stepping up its investment in a media campaign designed to increase patient traffic. On Oct. 1, 2020, Essilor will activate points on its “Win Together with Essilor” bonus rewards program for eligible Transitions lens purchases. The move ensures that practices who are "financially compromised by recent managed vision care changes on Transitions will be made whole," Essilor said in a statement.

“We lead the industry in cutting-edge technology. Transitions Signature Gen 8 was our most successful generation upgrade ever, and therefore we want to support doctors and opticians in prescribing the best for their patients,” said Rick Gadd, president, Essilor North America. “No matter the vision care plan, the patient need, or the business challenge, Essilor will invest its time and resources to partner with private practice and ensure their success now and well into the future.”

Essilor also said it will more than double its fourth quarter consumer media investment to drive more than 295,000 patients primed to purchase Varilux, Eyezen, Crizal and Transitions products to local Essilor Experts-affiliated independent practices.

“Essilor recognizes that one of the most critical ways to support independent practices is through patient traffic. We are proud to be the only company promoting independent optometry nationally on TV,” said Sherianne James, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of customer engagement at Essilor of America. “We saw such a boost in recovery to Essilor Experts practices as a direct result of our initial awareness promoting media campaign that we have more than doubled our per practice marketing investment to ensure the independent practices who partner with us will see a surge in high-value patient traffic.”

To participate in Win Together with Essilor rewards, practices must be enrolled in either Essilor Experts, Essilor’s flagship partnership program, or the new Essilor Partners program, and be enrolled in Essilor Preferred Rewards (EPR). Practices fully enrolled on or before Sept. 30, 2020 will earn rewards for all eligible Transitions product sales from Sept. 1, 2020 forward.

To leverage Essilor’s nationwide media campaign which drives primed-to-purchase patients to book appointments with their local doctors, private practices must be enrolled in Essilor Experts.