Essilor Vision Foundation Reaches One Million Pairs of Glasses Donated in U.S.


Chad Springer/Image Source/GettyImages
DALLAS—Essilor Vision Foundation announced that it has donated one million pairs of glasses to people in need around the U.S. since it began operating in 2007. The organization pointed out, "Essilor Vision Foundation is committed to helping everyone have a better life through better sight, because everyone deserves to see clearly. Vision is an invisible problem as most kids can’t self identify. To them, blurry vision is normal. Vision is among the most overlooked factors impacting a child’s success in school and in life.

“Essilor Vision Foundation strives to give people a brighter future by helping them see the world clearly,” said Becky Palm, president and executive director of Essilor Vision Foundation. “We are thrilled to have made clear vision a reality for more than one million people, but we did not do it alone. We are tremendously grateful to the eyecare professionals, schools, vision non-profits and community advocates who support us and rallied to provide over one million people with eyeglasses.”

Essilor Vision Foundation is celebrating this milestone by launching a year-long "One Million Magic Moments” campaign to address the 10 million kids in the U.S.who live with blurred vision every day. Essilor explained that a "magic moment" is every time a child receives a pair of eyeglasses, magic happens. From seeing the board in school and catching a ball to seeing a loved one’s smile, the campaign celebrates the magic moments experienced by children across the U.S. who can proudly say “I am one in a million.”

The campaign will inform parents and advocates about the importance of children's eye health and encourage them to help children with vision impairments.

Essilor Vision Foundation encourages eyecare professionals, teachers, parents and their communities to become advocates for vision care to help millions more. Every dollar donated as part of the “One Million Magic Moments” campaign helps a child experience his or her own magic moments with clear vision. For every $50 donated, Essilor Vision Foundation can provide both a vision exam and a pair of glasses to a child in need at no cost to their family. Those wishing to support the campaign can donate at