EyeCare Partners Acquires Three New OD Practices in Alabama and Georgia


ST. LOUIS—EyeCare Partners LLC (ECP) has acquired three independent optometry practices, one in Alabama and two in Georgia, according to an announcement this week. They are: Potter Eye Care, a Decatur, Ala., practice of Dr. Dale Potter, OD; Elan Eye, an Atlanta-area practice of Dr. Chad Poole, OD, and Sharper Vision Eye Care, the Duluth, Ga., practice of Dr. Mark Gottlieb, OD. With the addition of these three practices, ECP’s current sites of service stands at 289, according to the company. ECP is backed by the private equity firm FFL Partners

“Dr. Potter, Dr. Gottlieb and Dr. Poole are fantastic physicians who understand our mission and share the same values,” ECP chief professional officer Dr. James J. Wachter said in the announcement. “They are a great fit with our model and we are excited to welcome them to our team.”

Dr. Potter said in the announcement that “for years [I have] been trying to decide on the best way to wind down my career. I am in good health and enjoy what I do. With the stresses of managing a business, I began to consider options and decided that I would like to just focus on providing patient care.

"I have known of EyeCare Associates in Alabama (now part of ECP) for several years. ECP is a group of very well respected doctors, many of whom I have personally known for most of my professional career. By joining this group of fine doctors, I believe I can continue serving my patients for many more years with the same care and professional approach I have had in private practice while getting the value for my practice I thought I deserved after all these years.”

Dr. Poole said he has wanted to spend more time on specialties, such as pediatrics, emergency eyecare and specialty contact lenses. “EyeCare Partners has many practice locations with extensive resources to assist me in growing these specialties,” he said in the announcement. “At the same time, my patients will enjoy the same private-practice feel, with the same doctor and improved organization and inventory management.”

Dr. Gottlieb, who recently was recognized as the “best optometrist in Duluth” also said he believes that it was “the right time to partner with ECP” after 27 years of running his own practice. He added, “I chose EyeCare Partners carefully after doing quite a bit of research. I had conversations with multiple ECP doctors and received good insight into the company. I did extensive research of ECP’s history and felt this would be the best fit.”

ECP chief executive officer Kelly McCrann said that ECP is committed to expanding in its existing Atlanta and northern Alabama markets. “Adding these top-notch physicians to our family is just another demonstration of that commitment,” he said in the announcement. “We are excited to learn best practices from our new partners and continue to expand the communities we serve.”

ECP currently offers comprehensive medical eyecare services throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and North Carolina.