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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif., and BOISE, Idaho—Kno2, a company that provides interoperability as a service to health care providers, and Eyefinity, a VSP Global company and industry leader in practice management and electronic health record software, announced they have developed a “seamless integration experience between vision care practices and electronic health record platforms in the larger medical ecosystem.” The integration will help bridge the gap between eyecare and primary care for thousands of practices across the country.

This strategic integration will provide holistic care to patients by enabling providers connectivity to patient records through streamlined workflows and networks, facilitating more effective communication and consumption of patient information. The patient information will be acquired by either directed referral from a primary care physician or through query based on patient’s identified care provider. Additionally, it will also increase efficiencies by mirroring the existing clinical workflow and streamlining the referral process.

“Given the importance of comprehensive eyecare to overall preventative health, Eyefinity is committed to providing a platform that facilitates the coordination of care between eyecare and medical professionals to drive improved outcomes for their patients,” said Charlie Biegel, vice president and chief operating officer for Eyefinity. “The integration with Kno2 delivers on our commitment of expanding access for eyecare providers using our EHR solutions.”

With the Kno2: Interoperability as a Service, Eyefinity said it can provide a competitive edge for doctors. Kno2’s interoperability platform will be integrated with Eyefinity EHR and ExamWRITER will provide access to providers via cloud faxing, direct secure messaging (supported by the DirectTrust framework), patient information query for providers live on Carequality, including those connected through CommonWell Health Alliance, patient care networks (referrals, ACOs, HIEs)— all guided by connectivity assessments and analytics.

“Kno2 continues to focus within areas of the care continuum that expand interoperability and access to providers that are underserved. Vision health providers play a major role in identifying and coordinating patient care for many chronic diseases. The work being done around diabetes is a great example of how connected providers, sharing information electronically, can better serve a large community of chronically ill patients,” said Jon Elwell, chief executive officer at Kno2. “We are excited to partner with Eyefinity and are looking forward to improving interoperability for this key segment of health care.”