CALGARY, Alberta—FYidoctors has acquired MD Esthetics, a premier facial and skin rejuvenation centre located in Victoria, British Columbia. This marks FYidoctors' second investment in the medical aesthetics field, having entered the growing industry in 2019 with the acquisition of ReNue —a chain of medical aesthetic clinics based in Calgary, Alberta. VMAIL reported on that acquisition in December 2019. MD Esthetics is led by Dr. Daniel Milkovich and Dr. Kent Banks, two of Canada’s leading cosmetic medicine experts responsible for lecturing and training physicians across the country in advanced skin rejuvenation treatments, the announcement said.

MD Esthetics’ offering includes a full spectrum of modern, desirable treatments such as medical laser skin treatments and injectable rejuvenation treatments utilizing Botox and dermal fillers.

“As a health care brand, FYidoctors is committed to providing consumers a broad array of products and services to enhance their lives. The evolution of medical aesthetics over the years has proven to contribute greatly to overall quality of life and our expansion into the field reflects that,” said Dr. Jason McWhirter, VP and chief medical officer of FYidoctors’ Medical Aesthetics Division.

“Working with leading cosmetic medicine experts like Dr. Daniel Milkovich and Dr. Kent Banks maintains our doctor-led approach and we look forward to continuing to provide excellent care for patients in British Columbia,” he said.

With this announcement, FYidoctors adds their fourth clinic in the medical aesthetics field and the first in British Columbia. In addition to remaining in their current roles with MD Esthetics, Dr. Milkovich and Dr. Banks will now serve on FYidoctors’ aesthetic medicine advisory committee.

“We are excited to partner with FYidoctors, who have demonstrated a strong track record in the optometric market by maintaining patient care as a priority, which aligns well with our core focus at MD Esthetics,” said Dr. Milkovich, co-founder and medical director of MD Esthetics. “We look forward to contributing to the same success and growth in the medical aesthetic division.”

“We look forward to our new partnership with FYidoctors as part of their medical aesthetics division,” said Dr. Banks, co-founder and Medical Director of MD Esthetics. “Our company’s expertise in medical aesthetics, combined with FYidoctors’ proven track record in practice management and business acumen, will provide many opportunities for success.”

Over the past 20 years, innovation and technology has allowed the medical aesthetic market to see major advances in relation to lasers, injectables, and skincare products. The growing acceptance of cosmetic medical treatments among different demographics is fueling increases in interest and demand for these services at an exponential rate, the announcement said.

FYidoctors, a privately held, optometrist-owned-and-operated eyecare company, has over 500 optometrists, 250 locations and 2700 employees. The company owns and operates a fully automated, freeform laboratory and distribution facility located in Delta, British Columbia.