CALGARY, Alberta—FYidoctors, an optometrist-controlled eyecare company based here, said it has received exclusive Canadian “in-market assessment access for 2021” for the new Johnson & Johnson Vision contact lens: Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen. The new lens, which was approved in Canada last week, is the first and only drug-releasing contact lens for vision correction and allergic eye itch, according to the announcement last week. VMAIL reported on the Health Canada approval of the J&J lens here.

Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen provides relief for those suffering from seasonal allergies through the use of ketotifen, an H1 histamine receptor antagonist for the prevention of itch associated with eye allergies. It is estimated that more than 10 million Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies for which eye itch is a common symptom. In addition to irritation, itchy eyes impact vision and can make regular tasks for contact lens wearers troublesome, according to the announcement.

A J&J Vision spokeswoman told VMAIL that the new Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen lenses will be available on a limited basis at FYidoctors clinics across Canada through this year, and will be more widely and nationally available to qualified ECP’s in Canada in 2022. A full Canada launch through all eligible Johnson & Johnson Vision partners will follow in 2022.

“For years, Canadians who use contact lenses and suffer from seasonal allergies had to grin and bear the itch of their contacts or switch to glasses and eye drops,” FYidoctors chairman and chief executive officer Alan Ulsifer said. “We’re so excited those are no longer the only options. FYidoctors is committed to providing the latest technology to our patients and are proud to be the exclusive provider of this innovative lens for 2021—continuing our vision to enhance the lives of millions of Canadians.”

A limited introduction of Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen through the FYidoctors network of clinics will assess the product in market in Canada, the announcement noted.

“By bringing forward new eyecare technology to help practitioners meet the needs of their patients, we are demonstrating our commitment to change the trajectory of eye health to improve quality of life,” added Ted Lachmansingh, Canadian business director, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, a division of Johnson & Johnson Inc.

FYidoctors said it would make Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen available in over 220 locations. Canadians interested in learning more about the contact lens can visit to book an appointment with an optometrist.