JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Johnson & Johnson Vision has acquired Sightbox Inc., an online, membership-based subscription service for contact lens wearers in the U.S., according to a J&J Vision announcement earlier this week. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition will help more patients connect with ECPs through a member-based contact lens subscription service, J&J Vision said in its announcement. Sightbox also addresses “a growing consumer preference for more convenient access to eye health services and products,” the announcement noted.

Sightbox will become part of Johnson & Johnson Vision, but will operate as a separate business and will continue to provide contact lenses from all major manufacturers, the J&J Vision announcement noted. As VMail reported, in July, Sightbox confirmed that it had raised $2.4 million in new funding to support its growth. The funding round, which included investments from Rogue Venture Partners, Portland Seed Fund and Jumpstart Foundry, among others, raised the company’s total funding to $4.2 million at that time.

“Consumer preferences and digital technologies are accelerating a broad shift to e-commerce across many industries,” Ashley McEvoy, company group chairman with responsibility for the J&J Vision Companies, said in Monday’s announcement. “We are excited about how Sightbox can potentially fuel category growth by meeting consumers where and how they want, and by helping more contact lens wearers connect with eyecare professionals through this concierge-type service.”

Sightbox services include: scheduling comprehensive, annual eye exams; contact lens evaluation for members; and providing an annual supply of contact lenses. “The company’s growth has been primarily fueled by private pay patients who do not have vision insurance,” the J&J Vision announcement noted. “This model encourages people who may not otherwise do so to visit an eyecare professional and enter the category.” Sightbox future sales will be reported through J&J’s medical devices segment, under Vision Care.

This is the third acquisition completed in 2017 that expands the offerings of Johnson & Johnson Vision, the company noted. J&J Vision also acquired Abbott Medical Optics, as VMail reported, and TearScience earlier this year, also reported by VMail.