Joel Kamp Named U.S. Commercial Director at Paragon Vision Sciences


Joel Kamp

PHOENIX—In a move intended to further strengthen Paragon Vision Science’s expansion across the U.S., the company has appointed Joel Kamp as U.S. commercial director. This promotion comes following his success as a director of corporate accounts at CooperVision, where he focused on customer partnerships, satisfaction and growth. Paragon is part of the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare division. In the new role, Kamp has responsibility for sales and marketing strategy and execution, including enhanced support for eyecare professional (ECP)-centered initiatives.

Over the past several months, Paragon has established dedicated practice management and account management teams in Northern California, Southern California, New York/New Jersey, Houston/Dallas and Phoenix. This is in direct response to rising ECP demand for myopia education and support, the company said in a statement.

“Joel’s 25 years of optometric and ophthalmological experience will help us further accelerate our growth and extend our myopia leadership in partnership with ECPs. We’re excited for him to play a significant role in shaping our in-market teams. That structure is unique, and specifically designed to promote practice expansion with the clinical support necessary for the successful adoption of specialty lenses,” said Rich Jeffries, president of Paragon.

The CooperVision Specialty EyeCare division accelerates eyecare professionals’ access to products that focus on the development of myopia management approaches and visual correction of irregular corneas. It encompasses Paragon Vision Sciences, Blanchard Contact Lenses, Soflex, and Procornea, which operate independently while sharing technical, clinical and commercial knowledge, benefitting from CooperVision’s global presence and infrastructure.