CALGARY, Alberta—Marketing4ECPs, a Calgary-based digital marketing agency focused on eyecare, has formed a partnership with Otto Optics, a contact lens sales generation and process automation platform. The partnership enables clients of the agency to receive exclusive pricing, integration within their practice website, and a marketing launch package. “We are excited to announce this partnership and join forces with Otto Optics,” said Kevin Wilhelm, Marketing4ECPs co-founder and CEO. “This partnership will allow our clients and network of eyecare professionals an amazing opportunity to grow their contact lens revenue, improve patient experience, while streamlining in-office workflows.”

Otto Optics was founded in 2020 by Alex McIntosh and Adam Geiger. Together, they launched a platform that communicates with patients at the moment they require new contact lenses and allows them to reorder with a single click.

Partnered with all major contact lens manufacturers, patients are able to reorder their favorite brand seamlessly through their mobile device. “We built Otto to streamline workflows in the practice and capture real opportunity for additional contact lens revenue,” said McIntosh. “Our vision was to create a software that retained more of the contact lens business that might be walking out the door or reordering online.”