MEI Opens New Repair Facility in U.S.


CHICAGO—MEI has announced the opening of its new repair facility dedicated to spindles and other critical parts for edgers. The state-of-the-art testing and repair laboratory is located at the Meisystem Inc., MEI’s U.S. headquarters near Chicago. New and improved repair service focusing on timely turnaround of repairs is now available to MEI customers living in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Because the service is located in the U.S., repairs will be faster and less expensive, the company stated.

The new lab has been designed and built to the same specifications as the MEI factory, is now officially certified by the MEI Quality Control Team in Italy and is the only one in the U.S. authorized to perform spindle repair.

With its new U.S. repair facility, MEI can now refurbish spindles and other critical parts in a timely manner with the work being performed in the U.S. Additionally, the genuine spare parts that are built in the same factories and on the same production lines as the original ones and, being developed specifically for MEI edgers, ensure the machine’s maximum effectiveness.

“In today’s business world, maintaining capital equipment in perfect working conditions is more important than ever and getting the repair service directly from us is the only way to keep any MEI edger in perfect condition for a long period of time. That is why we have made a substantial investment in greatly enhancing our repair and testing capabilities in the United States,” Stefano Sonzogni, president and technical director of MEI said.