IRVINE, Calif.—Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI), the Tokyo-based supplier of high-index monomers used to manufacture ophthalmic lenses, has completed its acquisition of Silvue Technologies Group, the holding company for SDC Technologies, an Irvine-based manufacturer of hard coatings for ophthalmic lenses.

According to a statement by MCI, “the acquisition of SDC will open up several promising new areas… including entry into ophthalmic lens coating materials. This will accelerate MCI’s own development of new coating materials, which will further enhance the growth and expansion of the Vision Care Materials business.”

MCI said it will seek additional synergies from the acquisition through cooperation between a broad range of its businesses and the newly acquired resources from SDC.

William Gregg will continue as president and CEO of SDC, which will remain an independent subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals America (MCA).

“We are enthusiastic about the strategic synergies of both companies and the potential to combine our unique technologies and products going forward,” Gregg said in a letter to SDC customers.

SDC, which employs 60 people, also produces coatings for plastics, glass and non-ferrous metals. In addition to its manufacturing and sales operations in Irvine and in Chiba, Japan, SDC operates sales offices in Wales, U.K., and Shanghai, China.