BOSTON—The New England College of Optometry  (NECO) has secured a search firm to assist in recruiting a new president for the school in 2018. The new president will succeed president Clifford Scott, OD, who is scheduled to retire next year, according to an announcement on the college’s website.

NECO has secured the services of search firm Isaacson, Miller to assist in the recruiting process.

The new president will report to the NECO board of trustees and will assume leadership of “a venerable college with a strong foundation,” the announcement noted. “The president will have the opportunity to set the course for NECO and broadly influence the future of optometry. This person will oversee efforts to advance the clinical, research, education and service capabilities of the college. The president will be supported by the close-knit NECO community known for its strength, ambition and collective purpose,” the announcement said.

The criteria the school has set for its next president include: a leader with the experience, creativity and skill to position NECO for continued excellence in a steadily evolving environment for higher education institutions and health care organizations. Inquiries, nominations/referrals and applications should be sent electronically and in confidence to Stephanie Fidel at Isaacson, Miller. For more information, click here.

The New England College of Optometry is the oldest continuously operating school of optometry in the country, and now enrolls over 500 students in its various programs, according to the recent announcement.