FORT WORTH, Texas—Alcon on Friday announced an agreement that provides the company exclusive rights to sell the BlephEx technology and accompanying products in the U.S. The agreement was effective May 1. The partnership with BlephEx LLC, a pioneer in bacterial biofilm theory, demonstrates Alcon’s “ongoing commitment to bringing forth transformative innovations for eyecare practices,” the announcement noted. The BlephEx eyelid cleaning device and LashCam iR WIFI camera will join Alcon’s innovative Systane iLux technology in meeting the in-office, ocular surface health needs of patients, Alcon said in its announcement.

”Since launch, Systane iLux and the wrap-around support programs have provided practice and patient benefits around the country,” Fred Ellis, head of dry eye devices at Alcon, said. “While this has been a great source of pride for Alcon, we want to continue providing solutions that help eyecare professionals address a range of ocular surface issues. Our partnership with BlephEx will increase in-office options during a time when we are seeing more ocular surface issues, and put another tool in the arsenal to address unmet patient needs.”

“Addressing meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a significant unmet need for the anterior segment eyecare professional,” Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, an ophthalmologist with Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut, said. “Systane iLux and BlephEx are perfect partners because removing debris and bacterial biofilm on the eyelid margin and unclogging meibomian glands through thermal pulsation are effective for supporting ocular health and treating MGD, respectively.”

Added Dr. Paul Karpecki, an optometrist with Keplr Vision, “The incidence of ocular surface health issues in the U.S. is significant and can impact almost every area of my practice. Supporting the ocular surface has immeasurable benefits for patient clinical outcomes, and Systane iLux and BlephEx will be beneficial for patients managing ocular surface health.”