LAS VEGAS—Percept Corp. is a sponsor of the International Headache Conference now being held in Seoul, South Korea, Sept. 13-19. This sponsorship includes the sponsorship of the first global conference symposia on Narrow Band Green Light (nbGL) which is the scientific basis of Percept’s MiWear product line. The symposia, titled “Translating Scientific Discoveries into Treatment,” on September 16 covered the science of nbGL applied to treat migraines/headaches, anxiety, and sleep issues and was presented by neurologist and researcher, Dr. Rami Burstein of Harvard, and Dr. Robert Cowan, head of the Stanford University headache center.

The IHC conference is providing a platform for Percept and Pico to showcase their collaborative efforts. The World’s first virtual reality (VR/XR) headset to combine Percept’s MiWear Augmented Perception Optics is being demonstrated at the meeting. The product introduction of MiWear Optics with Pico 4 VR system will open up the world of VR and the metaverse to those with migraine/headache, anxiety and sleep issues.

This will include the introduction of the first migraine/headache VR app, the MiWear Journal for the Pico 4, which allows patients to enter their daily headache diary via the VR system while being protected from harmful blue and red-light wavelengths by the nbGL MiWear Optics.

Percept also announced the formation of the Percept Asia Advisory Board comprising some of the most prominent neurologists in Asia including: Dr. Fumihiko Sakai of Japan, director of Saitama International Headache Center; Dr. Shuu-Jiun Wang of Taiwan, chair professor and vice dean National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University; and Dr. Min Kyung Chu of South Korea, professor of neurology, Severance Hospital.

Dr. Scott Lewis, CEO of Percept, said, "We appreciate the many neurological researchers conducting clinical studies with nbGL which is the science MiWear is based on. We look forward to presenting these science and study results to the global neurologists and leaders dedicated to helping the one billion headache/migraine patients in addition to the billions more with anxiety and sleep problems.”

Based in Las Vegas, Percept has staff in the U.S. and Italy, in addition to partners in Europe and Asia. The intellectual property underlying Percept’s technology includes licenses for over 45 U.S., European and Chinese patents.