Randolph USA Partners With Non-Profit Angel Flight NE for the Holidays

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RANDOLPH, Mass.—This holiday season, Randolph, the U.S.-based manufacturer of sunglasses and eyewear based here, is proud to be supporting Angel Flight NE, a non-profit organization providing free air transportation to patients in need of lifesaving medical care outside of their geographic area. For each sunglass purchase made via the Randolph USA site or from ECPs or optical retailers, from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020, Randolph is making a donation to Angel Flight NE to help support their life-saving missions.

Randolph has deep ties to the aviation industry, as a supplier of authentic aviator sunglasses to the U.S. Military since the 1970s to this day. “With aviation in our heritage, Randolph is thrilled to be giving back to this amazing organization,” said Peter Waszkiewicz, Randolph's CEO.

“Angel Flight NE is honored to be the charity recipient of their Give a Pair, Change a Life Holiday Campaign,” said Larry Camerlin, president and founder of Angel Flight NE. “With Randolph’s support, we’ll be able to ensure that our patients can access the care they need.”

To share the word, Randolph has produced a short film to tell the story of Father Larry Camerlin, on his first Angel Flight NE mission back in 1996. The video by Colony Video, showcases a little girl and her mother taking a lifesaving flight to medical care outside of their local area. The end of the video shows current-day Larry on a new mission, and the little girl from his very first flight all grown up.

Angel Flight NE bridges the gap between distance and lifesaving health care by coordinating free air transportation for children and adults who must travel outside of their geographic area for medical care and treatment. This vital service is provided for as long and as often as a patient needs assistance and there is never a charge.

Randolph Engineering has been handcrafting sunglasses just outside of Boston since 1973. Every pair of Randolph’s sunglasses, including their award-winning Aviators, are made by hand in Randolph, Mass. in a 200+ step process over six weeks.

Waszkiewicz told VMAIL, "We love to partner with eyecare professionals who appreciate our quality engineering and American made line of eyewear. If you are an ECP/retailer and would like to learn more about our sunglasses/frames, our prescription Rx sun program or becoming an authorized retailer please contact: Michael Morrison, head of optical sales at (603) 759-3239 or mike@randolphusa.com or Trina Green, head of customer service at (781) 961-6066 or tgreen@randolphusa.com.