RestoringVision Marks Distribution of 10M Glasses to People in Need


SAN RAFAEL, Calif.—The non-profit organization dedicated to providing reading glasses to people in need around the world, Restoring Vision is celebrating its biggest milestone—having helped over 10 million people worldwide see and live better. Founded 15 years ago by Mark Sachs—whose basement operations for storing, packing and shipping glasses advanced into the largest non-profit provider of new reading glasses to people living in impoverished communities—RestoringVision is expressing gratitude to the members of the optical industry that have supported its work since its inception.

“We are thrilled to have been able to help 10 million people restore their vision and their lives through the gift of sight,” said Sachs. “We are grateful to our charitable partners in the field, our donors and especially our sponsors and supporters from the optical community. Without their continued support, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

RestoringVision has grown from helping thousands to millions of people each year by working in collaboration with diverse segments of the optical industry. From start-up businesses to international companies dedicated to manufacturing or distributing optical products and/or services. These organizations support RestoringVision by making in-kind or financial contributions or by helping the non-profit raise awareness about the global need for reading glasses.

Some of RestoringVision’s key supporters within the optical industry include: FGX International, Walmart, National Vision Inc., DIFF Charitable Eyewear, Cohen’s Fashion Optical, General Vision Services, EyeCare Partners, LasikPlus, Joffe MediCenter, Jimmy Fairly (France) and Enchroma.

“The involvement and commitment of companies and organizations from the optical sector have been key to the success of RestoringVision. Thanks to them, we have been able to grow and help millions of people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to vision correction,” said Pelin Munis, executive director of RestoringVision.

Uncorrected poor vision affects over 2.5 billion worldwide. This is one of the biggest global health problems, yet there are simple, cost-effective solutions such as reading glasses. Therefore, RestoringVision has set a goal to help 20 million people by the end of 2020. “While we have been able to help millions, the need is much bigger,” said Munis. “We hope that many more optical industry members join us in addressing this problem.”