Revo Celebrates Apollo 50th Anniversary With 'Moonwalker Zero' Limited Edition and Consumer Campaign


NEW YORK—Revo, the performance eyewear brand that was founded in 1985, is getting ready for its next major launch. The brand is participating as a gold sponsor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing, and the company is honoring Revo's NASA technology roots and their iconic partnership with astronaut Pete Conrad. Conrad, the third man to walk on the moon during Apollo 12's mission, was also Revo's first brand ambassador in 1988. This week, Revo will be launching a limited edition 'Moonwalker Zero' sunglass and ad campaign, incorporating social media influencers, to broaden the Revo brand's unique sunglass story to consumers.

Conrad was featured in a campaign with the tagline: "Introducing Something Else Launched by the Space Program." Revo's founder, Dr. Mitch Ruda, a NASA astrophysicist and optical engineer, was working on a project to develop special coatings to protect satellite porthole windows from space radiation. Being an avid skier, he considered how this technology could also filter the full spectrum of light in the form of eyewear. He applied this innovation to a pair of sunglasses and Revo, the cutting-edge performance eyewear brand, was born.

The Moonwalker Zero G is a re-creation of these very aviators designed for Conrad's campaign, reimagined for the present day in premium materials including super lightweight titanium, a two-tone chrome finish, dual color handmade acetate temples and shatterproof Serilium+ lenses. Only 500 individually numbered pairs of the frame have been produced in total and the limited edition style will come packaged in a commemorative box with a reprint of the archival 1988 Revo ad featuring Pete Conrad.

The Moonwalker Zero G will be sold on Revo’s newly relaunched website, at finer optical and specialty boutiques globally and museums nationwide including the Kennedy Space Center and The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.

Said Cliff Robinson, CEO of Revo, “The moon landing was the most incredible technological achievement of the 20th century. As a longtime industry veteran and fan of Revo from back in the day, it’s exciting to be able to carry forward Revo’s rich heritage of space-based technology. I’m honored that our partnership with Brand Ambassador Pete Conrad, the third man on the moon, has enabled us to have a small part in the very large 50th anniversary celebration of the lunar landing. The Moonwalker Zero G is a testament to Revo’s industry-leading technology and a celebration of the spirit of the Apollo missions.”