Salus University and Eyesafe Sign Research Agreement to Study Blue Light and Screen Time


Salus University president Michael H. Mittelman, left, and Eyesafe CEO Justin Barrett signed an agreement Oct. 10 to partner in a research project about the health hazards and protective solutions related to blue light for the electronics display industry.
ELKINS PARK, Pa.—Salus University and Eyesafe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to partner in a research project about the potential health hazards and protective solutions related to blue light. The first edition of this handbook, titled How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age, features optometrists, ophthalmologists, and scientists researching a variety of topics related to blue light and some of the proactive steps the electronics industry could take to tackle this emerging issue.

Salus University president Michael H. Mittelman, OD, MPH, MBA, FAAO, FACHE, said, “We’re the premiere optometry program in the country and we’re going to lead the way on this because it fits right into our DNA.”

Mitchell Scheiman, OD, PhD, FAAO, dean of research at Salus University, explained the University’s initial steps with the project. These steps include: developing research protocols to evaluate the effects of blue light and blue light filtration with Eyesafe technology on dry eye and other signs and symptoms of computer eye strain, computer user productivity and comfort, gaming performance and eye health, including the effect of blue light on macular pigment density; performing some pilot studies at the University, the outcomes of which should be known within a six-to nine-month time frame; and working toward the long-term goal of having full-scale clinical trials. This research will be used in the second edition of the handbook.

Eyesafe CEO Justin Barrett said, ““This research is going to have an impact far and wide. For the first time, leading optometrists, ophthalmologists and light scientists, researchers and policy specialists have come together to ‘write a book’ on the hazards and solutions for managing blue light emissions. This is a serious public health issue and today marks a pivotal moment in the industry’s efforts to better protect us all in the digital age.”